“We like to see our music as a cycling experiencing of psycho-sensorial perceptions which stimulates the imaginary and fantasy … as a sort of soundtrack for intimate and cosmic trips. We ironically defined our musical genre PSYCHOPHONIC OBLIQUE ROCK“.

STEREOKIMONO are an instrumental rock trio characterized by psychedelic and progressive contamination. Since the group line-up became definitive in 1995, the group has released 3 albums and has worked to numerous compilations.

The band has won some important national contest as “Stratosferica – Tribute to Demetrio Stratos and “MEI/Toast 2002 for best instrumental album produced in the year.

The group opened some concerts of PFM, whose drummer Franz Di Cioccio produced “Prismosfera” and “Intergalactic Art Cafè” (the second and the third CD of Stereokimono), played like opening act at The Grande Mothers Re:Invented and at “Big Wave Fest“, “We Love Vintage Festival” and “Prog Exhibition Festival 2011“. The latter was released a double live CD in which, in addition to Stereokimono, there are artists such as Steve Hackett (Genesis), Martin Barre and Maartin Allcock (Jethro Tull), Richard Sinclair (Caravan, Camel), Mel Collins (King Crimson ), etc.

STEREOKIMONO are: Antonio Severi (guitar, synth), Alex Vittorio (bass), Cristina Atzori (drums, electronic pads).



– STEREOKIMONO won the fifth edition of national music contest “STRATOSFERICA”, entitled to the memory of Demetrio Stratos.

– The debut ALBUM “KI” was released (Prod.: Iridea/ Distr.: Audioglobe).

– “KI” has been positively reviewed both by national and foreign presses.

– For over 14 weeks the album has been holding steady to the first ten positions in the top 20 chart of American radio “Wbzc 88.9 Gagliarchives” of Philadelphia.


– “Ki” tour in Italy.

– Stereokimono in the book “Enciclopedia del rock bolognese” of Ass.cult. Sub Cave Scandella and Andrea Tinti (Punto e Virgola editions).


– Two tracks of the album “Ki” were included in the CD compilation “ITALIAN PROG BANDS” (Prod./Distr.: irIdea/M.J. New York) released only in Mexico, South America and Japan which see the participation of D.F.A., Deus Ex Machina, Finisterre, Stereokimono …


– Stereokimono took part in “THE VEGETABLE MAN 10″ Project”, (Prod./Distr.: Oggetti Volanti Non Identificati), which is a compilation, released on vinyl 180 gr., of 60 different artists/bands chosen from all over the world to offer their own interpretation of the icon song “Vegetable Man” as a tribute to the genius of Syd Barrett. One of the 60 artists giving his contribution to the project is Hugh Hopper (Uk), bassist of the legendary band Soft Machine.

– It is the year of the second album “PRISMOSFERA” (Prod.: Immaginifica/ Distr.: BTF-Venus), which moulded under the ‘excellent’ production of FRANZ DI CIOCCIO (PFM).

– The album revealed to be a critical success around the world.

– The CD won the prize for best instrumental album of the year at the national contest “PREMIO MEI / TOAST 2002”.

– PRISMOSFERA also launched “IMMAGINIFICA” label, the new discographic project dedicated to evolutionary music and progressive rock, ideated and conducted by Franz Di Cioccio.

– The same year in the summer, the “Prismosfera” Italian tour started, including some dates as support band to PFM tour).


– It is the turn of the cd compilation “DEMETRIALMENTE” (Prod./Distr.: Grande Albero/Stratosferica), including Stereokimono’s track “Onda Beta”, live version featuring trumpet-player ROY PACI as a special guest (Aretuska, Zu, Manu Chao, Ivano Fossati, …).


– The band was listed in the popular British “GIBRALTAR ENCYCLOPAEDIA OF PROGRESSIVE ROCK”, entered the “ENCICLOPEDIA DEL ROCK BOLOGNESE”, (Italian Encyclopaedia about rock bands of Bologna – Ed.: Punto e Virgola) and has been quoted in several other books on this topic.


– Stereokimono’s song “Apoteotico” entered the cd “NEPTUNIA” (Prod./Distr.: Prophexy), a compilation of all the progressive groups of Emilia-Romagna.


– Some tracks from “Prismosfera” and “Ki” were selected to be included in the soundtracks of several Italian DVD productions as: “Il Quadro Annodato” of the artist Eliana Masala, “Rosso Verzegnis”, “La scatola dei racconti” and few other documentary films on Friuli landscapes beauty sponsored and produced by the region itself.

– Several music pieces of the band were broadcasted by different Italian RADIOS (including: Rai Radio 2, Rai Radio 3, Radio Popolare Network, Radio Rock Fm, Controradio, …) and some foreign transmitter in Europe, USA, South America, Russia, Japan.




– The band made the videoclip “Lumacacactus”.

– The third CD “INTERGALACTIC ART CAFE'” was released (Prod.: Immaginifica-Aereostella/ Distr.: Edel) again with the production of FRANZ DI CIOCCIO (PFM).

– Stereokimono’s song “Zona D’Ombra” entered the live cd compilation “PROG EXHIBITION 2”, the most important italian prog festival.

– Stereokimono in the book “Largo all’Avanguardia” of Oderso Rubini (Sonic Press editions).


– The CD “Intergalactic Art Café” among the TOP 100 ALBUMS 2012 on ProgArchives and among the 10 best albums of 2012 for Henry Ramunni (Rockerilla).

– Again Stereokimono in the soundtrack of a DVD of the Friuli: “La Panoramica delle Vette.” The song used is “La Soffitta Volante” from the album “Prismosfera”.

– Stereokimono in the soundtrack of an educational DVD: “La Scuola Documenta la Carnia”.


– Live period also as opening act at PFM.


– Stereokimono in the book “Rock progressivo italiano. 1980-2013” of Massimo “Max” Salari (Arcana editions).


– The double cd compilation “LOVE YOU .. a Tribute to Syd Barrett” (Gonzo Multimedia UK) is released with various bands from all over the world including Stereokimono with “It is Obvious” (Syd Barrett).



STEREOKIMONO distinguish them by keeping the distance from all codified genres. The ability to create sound atmospheres with an extraordinary expressive freedom not submitted to any rule, leads them immediately in developing a refined repertory with a strong emotional involvement”… “ONE SUBSTANCE, FIVE SENSES, ENDLESS IMAGINATION” (Franz Di Cioccio – PFM)



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