(Immaginifica of Franz Di Cioccio/Aereostella – 2012)



1) Fuga da Algon

2) Space Surfer

3) Indian Breakfast

4) Rebus * il gioco

5) Rebus * la metafora

6) Rebus * la soluzione

7) Lumacacactus

8) The Gnome on the Moon

9) Zona d’Ombra

10) Oltre Algon


Lineup: Antonio Severi, Alex Vittorio, Cristina Atzori

+ guests: Raffaello Regoli, Nicoletta Zuccheri, Paolo Raineri, Dario Antonetti, Alio Die



 Intergalactic Art Café is a surreal bar drifting universe at a point not scored in galactic maps. A local interdimensional where they found the most unlikely beings and where, on a small stage in the back of the room, strange musicians meet to make “oblique music” session-ending.

“Intergalactic Art Café is an interdimensional bar, a non-place suspended somewhere in the universe where strange musicians meet to futuristic sessions. Space dragons, robots verbose, octopi, cheeky cats and improbable aliens are the patrons of this local abstract. This perfectly reflects the spirit of the album, full of contamination, unexpected interventions and digressions interstellar“.